Dear valued shareholders and distinguished guests,

Dien Quang Lamp Joint Stock Company is the leading manufacturer and trading company of products, services and solutions in lighting industry and electrical equipment in Vietnam.  For 40 years, Dien Quang has been following the core values towards not only a sustainable development foundation but also stable future for all business and manufacturing activities.

With the slogan "Wherever electricity goes, Dien Quang will be right there", Dien Quang vision tends to become a multinational  corporation specializing in lighting industry and electric equipment. In order to achieve this vision, Dien Quang has projected the specific objectives as follows:

  • Strongly maintaining the recognized Brand No.1 in lighting industry and electrical equipment in Vietnam.
  • Exporting the products by Dien Quang brand itself, branding Dien Quang and expanding its distribution system stepwise in the marketplace where Dien Quang has determined its foothold. 

Dien Quang commits to provide customers with high quality products, ensuring the criteria: Safety – Saving – Environment Friendliness. Nowadays Dien Quang products all have quality verified and recognized by both domestic and foreign competent reputed agencies/organizations according to the published criteria.

Particularly, as the market leader’s position, Dien Quang expects not only to provide standard products diversified in styles, designs and types, but also to bring the effective, beautiful and modern lighting space to customers through synchronous lighting solutions both in industry and civil.

As a technology company, Dien Quang always considers creativity highly as the premise of development. That’s the reason why Dien Quang sets Creativity as the first element in the core values chain “Creativity – Generosity – Responsibility”. Dien Quang facilitates its members to think and create different for its prosperity and sustainability, considering generosity a foundation to promote creativity.

With the great effort through time, Dien Quang has affirmed not only its steady position in the domestic market but also ability to outreach over the world: Dien Quang brand has kept consecutively voted as High Quality Vietnamese Goods by customers, recognized as the governmental partner in Vietnamese National Brands program. Dien Quang is very proud of being the pioneer in overseas lighting technology investment and export.

On behalf of Dien Quang Lamp Joint Stock Company, I would like to thank our Investors, Shareholders, Partners and Customers for your trust and support during past time.

I would like to wish You good health and best success, and Dien Quang more prosperity and development in the future.


Best regards,

President & CEO

Ho Quynh Hung