For over 40 year of establishment and development to become one of the top brands in Vietnam, Dien Quang at the impetus of international expansion, understands that human resource is a decisive factor to the company’s success and development. At Dien Quang, we commit to facilitate our staff’s ability at maximum to achieve their personal career goals.

Ensuring good working conditions and health care for the employees

Working in a safe environment and ensured with good health care services are always the employee’s most interest. Understanding the legitimate inspiration thoroughly, Dien Quang commits to preserve an active and cultural working environment for the employee.

Ensuring adequate compensations for employees’ work merits

Proper recognition to contributions of the employee is what we particularly care about. Addition to the appropriate salary policy to enable employees to work securely and promote their abilities best, Dien Quang continues annual assessments of staff performance to propose specific levels of rewards based on staff contributions. It expresses our respect to every contribution of the employee and reflects equality among staff as well.

Building training policies and creating opportunities to promote personal career goals

We believe that investment in human resource is as well as in our development in the future. Therefore, Dien Quang always facilitates its staff to improve their skills and profession so as to capture career promotion opportunities.

One of the most frequent interests of the company leaders is to believe in capable young people to appoint them into the key positions. This is a unique cultural characteristic in utilization of the company’s workforce. At present, many managerial positions in Dien Quang are held by the young people, so those who have got true competency and ethics, completely able to develop their career objectives.

The featured corporate culture helps to promote the harmonious development of employees      

Dien Quang today is proud of having built its successful corporate culture with the core values “Creativity – Generosity – Responsibility” that promotes the harmonious development of employees.

Dien Quang always encourages each employee’s creativity and facilitates every member to dare think and act different for the company’s development. The generous behavior towards each member has imbrued into Dien Quang corporate culture. Generosity is defined what the senior bring towards the junior or peers bring each other, but also the junior bring back the senior. All those behaviors are for the most common goal to ensure the performance effect and maintain the company development. The corporate culture is also expressed in how to behave responsibly and how every member takes responsibility in work. And above all, everybody should perform at the most responsibility for the sake of three main Employers: Customer, Shareholder and Employee.