You are worried about an unsafe electrical system in your houses, shops, factories, companies

-         You would like to replace and/or repair the electrical system and equipment but you haven’t known how to do?

-          You cannot trust a strange mechanic to ask for repair.

* Don’t worry! Dien Quang Care – consultative, designed services and constructing professional lighting solutions in Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi will help you.

Free consultation of lighting in place with expert team in consulting and designing professional lighting solutions will offer a lighting system for houses, offices, factories,… in the professional and enthusiastic way.

Orders whose value are more than 10.000.000 VND (ten million Vietnam Dong) will be free installed.

Dien Quang Care services include:

Replace lamps:

-         According time: 50.000VND/1h (First 4 hours) and 25.000VND for next hours.

-         According lamps quantity: 20.000VND - 50.000VND/piece. (in case of replacing more than 4 pieces)

Replace electrical equipment:

-         Socket/Switch: 50.000VND/piece (in case of replacing more than 2 pieces)

-         Power meter/ CB-RCB-LCB: 100.000VND/piece

-         Redesign electrical lines (real survey)