Cooperation to give Vietnam Chip into lighting products

With the aim to promote the development of the Circuit industry Vietnam, creating outputs for technology products have the high brain content by Vietnam’s creation and manufacturing. In the morning, March 22nd, 2016, at Sheraton Hotel, HCMC, Dien Quang Lamp Joint Stock Company (DQC JSC) and the Centre of Education Research & Training Design (ICDREC) - National University of Ho Chi Minh City signed a cooperation agreement to use the Integrated Circuit by ICDREC. The name of signing ceremony called "Cooperation Program research, manufacture and produce products using Integrated Circuit Vietnam”

Ms. Ho Thi Kim Thoa - Minister of Trade and Industry - steering at the signing ceremony, cooperate to manufacture and produce IC products using Vietnam’s Chip

According to cooperation agreement, Dien Quang and ICDREC (National University) will cooperate in production products. example as manufacturing equipment used in wireless communication technology for the Dien Quang's smart lighting control system. Specifically, the Chip in the street lights control system, traffic lights, home lighting, industrial ... These products will be developed based on the SG8V1 Chip that ICDREC has successfully researched.

The signing ceremony of cooperation agreements in research, manufacture and production Vietnam’s IC products between Dien Quang and ICDREC

Otherwise, in the cooperation between the two parties, ICDREC will also develop a dedicated chip LED driver for LED products of Dien Quang.

Mr. Ngo Duc Hoang – ICDREC’s Director – said that smart lighting system (automatic manually adjust brightness) or LED bulbs with high efficiency in the lighting industry and energy saving is general trend, required to use the smart chip.

In Vietnam, ICDREC is a leader in research and manufacturing of chips, and Dien Quang is a leading company in the manufacture of lighting devices. Therefore, the cooperation between two sides has improved and develops the IC industry in Vietnam.

Nowadays, most of IC products are applied in the production of Dien Quang, are imported from the US, Japan and Taiwan. According to Mr. Hoang, if this cooperation is successful, it will not only help to develop Lighting Circuit Industry but also reduce imports IC products and reduce the cost of production enterprises.

According to Mr. Ho Quynh Hung, Chairman of Dien Quang Lamp JSC, Dien Quang had to import millions of chip to produce lighting products each year.

Mr. Ho Quynh Hung - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dien Quang Lamp Joint Stock Company (right) with Mr. Ngo Duc Hoang - Director of Centre for Research and Training in ICDREC (left)

This time, Cooperation project in 5 next years, as SG8V1 chip will be used with available, DQC and ICDREC will research and manufacture the new chips only used for DQC exclusively. In the plan of next time, some chips will be used, to increase the lighting products with high technology branded Vietnam, towards exports to the world in the near future.

ICDREC is the first unit in Vietnam succeeded in researching and manufacturing, IC, microcontroller Chip SG8V1. Currently, Chip SG8V1 has designed by ICDREC, has been used in many products such as surveillance equipment journey automobiles, motorcycles, power electronics design, data collection devices...

According to businesses, experts in the microelectronics industry, with the consumption about 20 billion pcs Chip each year, Vietnam is a potential market for applications and semiconductor products. However, almost IC products are imported.