Vietnam’s brand glow on the field Premiership League

Battle between West Ham - Arsenal just has happened dramatic with 6 surprised goals. However, there's one other interesting surprise not only Vietnam’s audience, but also for all European fans following this match, it was the arrival of the DQC brand.

Everyone can easily see the ad line "Led DQC - Made in Vietnam" on the electronic board running piste roadside field. One more Vietnam’s brand presents in the Premier League, which is the most attractive match on the planet.


Match between West Ham and Arsenal

The emergence of Dien Quang in the Premiership League, is a step to take Dien Quang’ brand to European market, after exporting successfully technology to Venezuela markets, exports lighting products to over 30 countries and territories around the world.


 Dien Quang’s advertisement on roadside piste

Sticked Chip Line of Dien Quang’s Lamp

Vietnam fans, Dien Quang’ name is not strange. For 40 year, severing for Vietnamese consumers, Dien Quang with the slogan "Wherever electricity goes, Dien Quang will be right there" has become a reliable friend of everyone. And now, after a series of successful events "Led - New Lighting Era", Dien Quang created a wave of positive impact in changing the habits of Vietnamese consumers in shopping and consumption high-tech lighting products, energy-saving, environmental protection.

On May 7th, the Premiership League is up to the climax of the race, Vietnames fans and Europe will see "Led DQC - Made in Vietnam" appeared again on The Light Field when Sunderland host welcomed millionaire army Chelsea.