Dien Quang Lamp gains Vietnam Green Label

Vietnam Environment Administration - By the end of 2014, 53 products received Vietnam Green Label Certificate. Dien Quang Lamp JSC was the leader with 43 out of 53 products in the list. This figure shows that enterprises are not interested in Vietnam Green Label, although the certificate is very important for them to operate in market-oriented economy.


Dien Quang Lamp develops green business and produce safe, cost saving and eco-friendly product.

To achieve strict standards of Vietnam Green Label, enterprises have to comply with the regulations on environment; achieve quality standards, save electric power and limit toxic elements in production; have responsibility of protecting employees and customers health; instruct and encourage customer using eco-friendly products; positively innovate technology to protect water resource; have plan to recover and recycle product package after use to limit the bad effect on environment... In addition, favorable policies have not been implemented consistently. Therefore, enterprises are not interested in the program. In this context, Dien Quang Lamp persistently follows its Green development mission which was made in 2000. Dien Quang Lamp loyal to product and technology development mission which is built on standards of Safety – Saving – Eco-friendly. By now, Dien Quang Lamp totally uses lead-free glass to produce its products. In addition, Dien Quang Lamp also removes lead from the production stages that using lead, replaces liquid Hg by hard Hg to limit the diffusion of Hg to the environment, uses recyclable package, and clearly instruct the way to recycle broken product to protect customers.

Mr. Ho Quynh Hung – CEO of Dien Quang Lamp JSC said, for long time Dien Quang Lamp has recognized the important of protecting environment, therefore the mission was added in to the product strategy for the purpose of developing and investing. Follow the mission, Dien Quang Lamp focuses on providing long term, sustainable service to the customer, because this standard is not the sales driven factor.

With the Vietnam Green Label Certificate which has just been granted by Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment, Dien Quang Lamp has proved its commitment to provide quality product which meet the most restrict standards, safety and eco-friendly.